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NAND Chip Mask ROM Mode Short Location

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    Originally posted by conkz View Post
    Hello im looking for some help with a bricked Excelvan EX-T2 box, amlogic s912.. tried shorting the nand pins on both sides with no luck, just the red light goes off and back on and still no connection to pc I have tried everything with this box but nothing change... Im hoping some experts on here could point me in the right direction on which correct pins to short... Any help will be greatly appreciated...
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      Thanks for the quick reply i think this box is just dead then. That is indeed where i have been trying without success, it does however short in 3 places on the right hand side - the top 2 pins bottom 2 and middle 2 but just middle pins on the left side not sure of exact numbers, no reaction from any of others ...(a bit more info)... Done all variations aswell whilst short. with reset in/no reset/ power etc.., burn card/ different memory cards, different cables. wont even boot to recovery.(Plus i cant find a stock firmware .img ) for this box anywhere..(maybe this is my problem?) closest firmware found is for the thl super box which looks the same but has 2gb ram where as excelvan is 3gb so im not sure its compatable? but figured have nothing to loose in trying or try a custom s912 .img / also to mention i do have another of these boxes that works - which the pc recognizes without any buttons pressed or power plugged so drivers are installed correctly. once again any help is very much appreciated thanks.
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        can someone help me i have a gt1 first versione the stuck on first logo image. Burning tool complete at 100% the burn process but at reboot don't boot but show only first logo image.

        This is my board
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          Hi all,

          please help to find the correct pin to short, my box nearly dead now...

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