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Rom: Android Pie for S912

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    Rom: Android Pie for S912

    • TastyPie ?
    • Remote may not work?
    • Ethernet /BlueTooth may not work?
    • Flicker when using the cursor
    • Stable...? Stuff may not work
    • Only for 2/16 memory hardware.
    ** Use "Normal Erase" in USB Burn Tool. **


    Manifest with repositories corrected for the ability to build in 64-bit mode

    device tree:

    https://github.com/Amlogic-Lineage / android_device_khadas / tree / khadas-hertz-pie-tappro9377

    Info taken from 4Pda---Highwaystar

    Mod 3
    DDR3 / DDR4
    • fixed flickering cursor issue
    • Removed code that overwrite recovery when installing custom recovery
    • added support for 1/2/3 gb of memory for use on other consoles with the same hardware
    DDR3/DDR4 1/2/3Gb:
    100Mbit LAN update_khadas_pie_multiwifi_20200711_arm64_DDR744_ 100Mbit_ATV.img
    1Gbit LAN update_khadas_pie_multiwifi_20200711_arm64_DDR744_ 1Gbit_ATV.img

    LPDDR3 3Gb only:
    100 Mbit LAN: update_khadas_pie_multiwifi_20200711_arm64_LPDDR_1 00Mbit_ATV.img
    1Gbit LANBOX6D_update_khadas_pie_multiwifi_20200711_arm64_L PDDR3_ATV.img

    Builds above using 744 Mhz for DDR3 and LPDDR3 clokc for more compatibility. There are some boxes with DDR3 that cant run on default 912 Mhz.

    Lost root??

    Developer Bumerc:
    Mod 1: ATV9/64bit build, based on HighwayStar's 2020-07-07.

    - full root access
    - new u-boot, LPDDR3 support for 1g, 2g and 3g devices.
    (however only 2g and 3g dtbs are used)
    - dropbear SSH server (instructions >>HERE<<)
    - Preinstall module for favorite apps
    - qca 9377 / qca6174 Bluetooth
    - H96pro + remote control is default
    - wake up from sleep and deep standby for H96pro + and some other devices
    - init.d
    - xbox/ps3 controller (untested)

    Attention - for LPDDR3 2g(untested)/3g devices
    Tested on H96pro+ 3g,
    * Install via sdc_burn


    Davietpda has finally posted a beta of his awaited firmware.


    The BETA2 supports ram 2G / 3G ddr3 and ddr4 wifi ap6255, ap6330

    Fix flickering cursor...?
    Support infrared controls for normal use and on and off:
    Control tanix , control mecool , control enybox, HIMEDIA remotes
    Air mouse and voice support

    "have tested this beta on Himedia A5, Nexbox A1, EM92"

    Download: aml_upgrade_package_s912-pie-beta2.img
    Link 2: https://mega.nz/file/qF4X3YZR#iVUeUY...F5sRXfnYi92FBM
    Use Amlogic + USB + Burning + Tool_v2.1.7.0.exe

    As tested by Brahner(4pda)

    "+ There is no flicker in the Davietpda assembly firmware on 3/32 lpddr3 (tx9pro). The loader took from bumerc.
    + Consoles from h96pro plus and from the tx92 branch (z6, z6 plus, tx9pro, etc.). Both in the android, and the inclusion of the box
    + WiFi (qc9377) and 1000 ethernet work
    - But one of the usb ports does not work for me
    - bluetooth does not work, it does not turn on"

    "The amlogic S912 ram LPDDR3 devices will be supported in the next few days when I have a box to build
    The following updates will be added here: https://youtu.be/l0Swj9Suy5U "


    Mod fro Davietpda beta 2
    Embedded support for the init.d script folder. I put a couple of scripts to clean the system
    Upgraded the build.prop file,
    Overclocked the WiFi a little bit, the Bluetooth works
    Remote works.
    The firmware is suitable for Two versions of boxes mecool bb2 / Pro version.


    Port of Android 9 ATV By
    SLIMBOX ver 5.1 ATV & AOSP

    Port_Android_9_ATV_32_Slimbox_to_BB2Pro_3_16_1000_ by_sergej_a_g.7z
    Wi-Fi, bluetooth,
    remote control (does not include the console)
    Lan 1000
    Nav Bars,
    root, script support.
    Doesn't work: Playback settings, screen size.
    Checked on MECOOL BB2 PRO 3/16.





    Mod: lyubodelev

    Port_SLIMBOX-ATV-TANIX-TX9S-v8.3.2_to_Z69 + (LPDDR3) 500+ MB

    Works on H96 Pro+ 3/32 CZ v5(6?):


    ** Slimbox ATV to AOSP patch 191 MB

    Runs very well.
    1. Install ATV and change settings as desired.
    2. Install AOSP patch from TWRP
    3. Reboot...After loading...reboot again (suggested from other user)
    4. Return to settings to re-enable some preferences.
    5. Good idea to make a TWRP back-up of your new Android Pie system on SD card

    Read review: https://forum.freaktab.com/forum/tv-...or-s912/page16

    Port_SLIMBOX-ATV-TANIX-TX9S-v8.3.2_to_Z69 + (LPDDR3)


    ATV to AOSP Patch:
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    hi, can I make a 3/32 build for lpddr3 memory


      Sunvell T95Z Plus 3|32 lpddr3



        3ram S912


        2ram S912

        use airmouse USB


          I came accross the following android 9 Pie ROM that has been uploaded recently for the Khadas VIM2.
          The VIM2 is a S912 board designed for Android TV and Ubuntu. https://docs.khadas.com/vim2/FirmwareAndroid.html
          Download Link

          The rom is flashed by me with Am Burning Tool on my X92 3G/12G and it booted.
          The list that worked: Wifi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, Sound.
          What did not work: Front Display, 1 out of 4 USB ports, the remote.

          So far so good it runs smoothly.



            To be on the safe side...check your system settings to confirm that your China Box is using the full 3GB of RAM. It may(?) be limiting your device at 2 GB of RAM.


              Hi,, would it work on beeliink GTI ultimate, 3, 32? Thanks.



                If you can mod it, go for it! Khadas has put their base Android Pie for developers to use.


                The developer(modder) mention making a 3/32 compatible version.
                LPDDR 3/4? gives error, % failed flash. You may "Brick" your device, be sure how to "UnBrick" your China Box before testing.


                  hi I know how if I have for the test I can try


                    i have in 4 pda


                      I modified and rebuilt the latest version, patched the bootloader for LPDDR3 memory, the tests were successful on my H96pro+ device, I will soon post it in a separate topic


                        Freaktab Rocks


                          hoo pity i have mine already done, well i will continue to add my changes/fixes to the sdk and then rls it.


                            LAN ON En Android, puede obtenerlo desde Configuración-> Más configuraciones-> Acerca de-> menú Estado.

                            https://cloud.mail.ru/public/2jiE/J5sqyTF9D WIFI ON lAN ON


                              Wake-On-LAN (WOL) is a protocol standard that allows your PC/Smartphone to turn on a computer via your local network or the Internet.

                              2) On Android, you can get it from Settings->More Settings->About->Status menu.

                              Enable WOL

                              DDR3 / DDR4: